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100 days in lockdown

It’s been 100 days since I started the COVID-19 lockdown, as I was in the vulnerable group with having Duchenne. We also decided to stop care with the agency, because my mum and dad are in their 70’s, we also have my brother and his girlfriend living with us, who just had baby boy when the lockdown officially began. This decision was made to put use at less risk of getting the virus from the carers, who are out in the community doing other care work.

Lockdown is going so fast, it also doesn’t seem Christmas was 6 months ago. I have learned a lot about myself, and more importantly how I get treated as a disabled person by my family, who have always said I would be treated like everybody else (non disables). But as I found out, I actually have no privacy, independence or control over my life as I thought. Thanks to some people on Twitter, and someone else I meet, I have been slowly building up my confidence to the point, where I’m starting to stand up for myself. It’s also the main reason I must move into my own home. What’s really annoying though, is no one thinks I can live on my own with 24/7 care. If I don’t make a big change like this, nothing will ever change and my mental health will continue to get worse.

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