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Medical equipment and healthcare: Part 1 bipap A40

Philips Respironics Bipap Ventilator A40 - Price: £3000 x2 - Price I pay: £0 on the NHS

A PHILIPS A40 bipap
PHILIPS A40 bipap

People with Duchenne start developing nocturnal hypoventilation between 15-20, I didn't start getting symptoms until about 22 years of age though. When this happens, you need to go onto a bipap (non-invasive ventilator) while you are sleeping at night. It's sounds frightening, but it's very important to wear one at night, because if you don't, you will end up feeling like shit most of the day, and sorry to be blunt, you will die. I have been using a bipap for about 13-14 years, although scared at first, I got used to it after the second night of wearing it, I actually found it to be very relaxing. But as your breathing gets worse, I was starting to get so anxious that "what if power cut", "what if bipap brakes down", "what if carer can't put mask on properly or can't work bipap machine". But now I'm no where near as anxious, because I have 2 bipaps now with batteries. One next to my bed and use the second bipap as a portable one on the back of my wheelchair. This also helps with my anxiety levels when going out, knowing that it will be there in case I panic or if I get tired.

Powered wheelchair with PHILIPS on the back
Salsa M2 Power Wheelchair with bipap the back

Wearing a bipap is why I'm alive today, this is all thanks to our wonderful NHS here in the UK. Although it does have it's problems and is not perfect, I never change it for private for profit healthcare system like the US

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