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The Last Week Blog #002 has moved from Wordpress and now is being hosted on wix, with a brand new blog. I've starting to put my favourite 10 tunes from last week into these blog posts, if you have Spotify, press play on the Spotify player. Here are my favourite 3

  1. I Found (Neptune) - EDX, Jess Bell

  2. Sometimes I Feel - Avicil Out of Miami Mix

  3. This City Remix (con Camilo) - Sam Fischer, Camilo

The first is probably going to be tune of the year for me. It's a song made from the original Neptune tune by EDX from 2019: Here. The second, a mix by Avcil I've never listened before, that was released back in 2009. The thrid, I really like Sam Fischer voice and this remix of "This City" with Colombian singer Camilo is really good.

Last week I went outside and had a walk around (yes I still say walk even though I can't) This was the first time in in 110 days. I thought this would trigger my anxiety, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We made sure no other people were around, It felt so strange and quiet.

Had a gaming PC for 3 years, I haven't touched it in nearly a year, and with having a Surface Pro 7, photoshop and Lightroom working fine and I don't play games on PC that much, so having a powerful gaming pc seems pointless, So it's time to sell it. The parents are going to the coast for a week on holiday, so that means a week of no stress!

It was my nieces birthday, I got her Animal Crossing New Horizons. Her parents are getting her a Switch Lite when they are available again.

When wearing my collar, I've noticed that it makes me feel very claustrophobic, So I decided to get a wheelchair seating assessment, by a company called RMS Limited, who have interesting headrests, like the heads first, which looks okay. But the Chailey Rollercoaster Head Support looks like it could do the job of supporting the back of my neck and sides. I will also be sat back in my wheelchair, this would require a cross seatbelt and my tray adjusting. This would also make it easier to put the bipap mask on during the day.

Another thing I want to talk about is, how my dad doesn't accept that I need the bipap during the day. Over the last 3 years, I've noticed that my breathing is very slowly getting worse during the day, and I sometimes get bloating that makes it even harder to breath. So last year, May time, I asked for a portable bipap, which I got. I started trying it out during the day when I was very tired and/or bloated. Guess what? It made me feel like a different person, On my 34th birthday we went out as a family for the first time in years, because I knew by bipap was there in case I needed it, which I did so I could drink beer :) also first time in years. Ever since then, my dad gets funny if I wear it a lot during the day. He says I will get too used to it and need it all the time. I've already told him that eventually I will. But I think he's in denial about about my breathing. If you have a Duchenne and is finding it harder to breath during the day, USE your bipap. It really can help!

Since upping Citalopram to 24mg last week I've been feeling a lot better, haven't had any depression and my anxiety levels are back to normal, also going on a walk has helped. So I've decided that I'm definitely going to go a on a proper walk when my parents return.

That's it for another "the last week blog"

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