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The Last week blog #003

Decided to do the spotify playlist monthly, as I don't listen to enough songs during the week. Started the week off really well, with my parents being off on holiday for 5 days. Then on tuesday night I had one of the worst nights sleep in weeks, which I found out why today. This is going to sound disgusting, but when the mask is on, it dries the inside of my nose, and there is no other word to say this... Snot, dried snot was building up on the inside of my nose, this made the mask point upwards into the dried snot, because of this I was not breathing in the air from the bipap properly. it felt as though I was slowly suffocating, I had this horrible feeling all night. Had it every night unitl last night, when I properly cleaned out my nose. It made such a big difference. So remember to regularly clean your nose out if you use a bipap, because it's probably dangerous to leave dried snot up your nose, as I found out.

Apart for that, It has been a lovely, quite and stress free without my dad arguing about his bs political beliefs. I also sorted out a lot stuff to sell on ebay with my carer, this also really helped with my mental health. When I actually do something it helps so much, that's why moving out will help me, I will actually have to do the things that dad does for me now. That's why I've been feeling so low, I rely on my dad so much, I end up doing nothing all day, which leads me to having time to think and overthink everything during the day,

I am a big fan of Sheffield United, and all the remaining matches are being shown on TV because of COVID-19, we played Wolverhampton and beat them 1-0 in the last minute of injury time. On Saturday we played 3rd in the league Chelsea, we won by 3-0, It could have easily been by more.

Mum and Dad came back home on Friday, so back to having stress again. Although Sunday was actually a good day for a change, well my nosey brother wasn't here causing trouble, which helps. Actually stayed outside for 4 hours with no anxiety! Neices and nephew came around again which is always good to see them.

Still waiting for housing to contact me, let's hope next week they open,

That's it for another Last Week blog. Please read my last post 'Accepting that I have Duchenne'

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