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The Last Week Blog #004

Can't believe I'm on my 4th The last week blog already. Time seems to go so fast while I'm in still in quarantine, lost count of how many days it has been now. It's also my birthday in 29 days, this is crazy to me, that it's nearly a year since we went out for the first time in years as a family.. Thanks to my second bipap - you can read about that here.

These posts are series of posts I will be doing in the coming weeks, about what medical equipment I use and meds I need to take.

This last week was another up and down one, in terms of mood. Because AGAIN for the second week, I haven't been sleeping that good until I found out why AGAIN. I have a mattress that air is constantly being blow into, but my dad has been putting a mattress protector between the bed sheet and mattress, this stopped the air properly blowing into the mattress. This was making the back of my head very sore, so I had to be turned onto my side, then turned back again constantly, which you can imagine kept me awake. So I asked the carer to check bed, she looked and saw the mattress protector. That night I had 8 hours sleep! Felt so much better the next day, like double the energy I normal have.

Have been continuing to get rid of stuff on ebay, it's amazing how much stuff I have that I can't use anymore, and it's kind of depressing looking at it, this is the main reason for getting rid, although non of my family get this. I'm also trying to save £2000 for if/when I move out, On Friday my brother saw someone who works at his company that we haven't see since 1994 when I was 8, he helped raise money for this electric tricycle.

photo of me on a tricycle
Me aged 8 on a electric tricycle in 1994

High Schools back in the early 90's had something called the Lifestyle challenge, and they still do it in North Yorkshire, Where you pick a project to do during the summer holidays. They picked a charity project, by raising money for that electric tricycle above. He and his friends held a pop up café, that raised, I think £500. The the challenges got judged, and the 1st price was a trip to Florida. We all went to the Doncaster Dome, where the winners were announced. They won first price!

My bady nephew Leo now has his own Instagram run by his mum. He is growing really fast! Still waiting for the Sheffield housing to reopen. I really want to move out and I'm looking forward to it hopefully happening, even though parents are against it.

That's it for another week. If you enjoyed reading it, please consider sharing. or buying me a coffee. This will help give me the confidence and motivation to write more.

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