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The Last Week Blog #5

(Trigger warning - will be talking about weight)

Went for another short walk, this time my nephew joined us. Got a bit of anxiety when I thought other people were going to go past us. but they actually crossed to the other side of the road, when they probably saw I was disabled.

I decided this week that I needed to start putting on weight, because it is not a good idea to be severely underweight with having Duchenne. I bought 1kg of Complete Mass protein shake, It is good for people to gain weight with having 538kcals in each serving. If I have 3 meals a day + 400 calories of chocolate + 500 calories of protein shake, this should take me over 2,500 calories a day target. The main problem I have, and a lot of disabled people have, is getting weighed. Last time I was weighed was in back 2000. Hospitals have wheelchair weighing scales, but you need to know how much your wheelchair weighs first, not ideal if no hoist. So just have to make sure I eat enough. Let's see how it goes in the coming weeks.

Also Last week my parents went for another 5 days to their caravan at the coast. It is probably good for my mental health, also mum and dad's mental health. Because there's no bickering between me and dad.

Sunday was the final day of the Premier League, Sheffield United played Southampton, we lost 3-1 and finished the season in 9th place, which is a great, considering we was favourites to get relegated back to the Championship. We don't have to wait that long for the new season, which starts on the 12th September.

Everything else is getting reopened, except Sheffield housing Still waiting to bid on housing. Really hope this won't take years, because I honestly need to move out, I'm really starting to hate living here, feel so trapped.

It was overall a stress free week, that I really enjoyed.

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