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The start of my weight gain journey

Content warning: Written about weight and overflow

Back in 2000 before the surgery on my spine, I weighed what doctors would consider a normal weight. At this time I had a good appetite and really enjoyed food. Than I had surgery and that's when everything changed.

While recovering from surgery in ICU, I had the feeling of needing a bowel movement every 3-4 minutes, It was a horrible feeling and could do nothing to stop it. One of the nights, dad went back to Sheffield for the night, I counted in one hour having that feeling over 20 times. This surgery did something to my bowels It stopped me feeling hungry. Every time I had food I wasn't enjoying it. I started lossing weight, hated having breakfast, was having 2 meals a day with nothing in between meals, gradually losing weight for 15 years. But in the last 5 years I've really started losing weight and now to the point where you can see my ridcage. I started trying to put weight on, never really treated it seriously.

Then in March I started eating a bit better thanks to someone I won't mention. This person made me realise that you only have one life, and you need to live it. But I still wasn't eating enough.

On Monday July 27th 2020, I started my weight gain journey of putting 20lbs on. In the morning I now have 2 slices of toast and going to start having porridge with banana also. Lunch, I have soup before anything else I eat, with about 300-400kcal of chocolate after. Then dinner, have whatever dad cooks. At 9pm I have a 500kcal protein shake. In between all that I now have snacks. At same time time everyday I take a photo of my ribcage, to see myself gain weight. As I can't get weighed, this is the best way I can see progress.

I will update the weight gain journey on this. #Big60Challenge

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